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Aditi Gore

Creativity is a beautiful maze of the human mind. Every answer completes the puzzle. Our ideas, thoughts, and creativity are all shaped according to our observations and experiences.  


I have done my masters from the National Institute of Design (NID). I have been working in the User Experience Design field for 7+ years now. I have worked in various sectors - Fintech, Big data, analytics, IoT, Pharma, E-commerce, Travel & Tourism. I strive to use my experience and knowledge in the best way I can to make a significant contribution.

In my free time, I enjoy travelling, painting, reading, yoga and gardening. 


"All our knowledge has its origin in our perception"

- Leonardo DaVinci

I also mentor students at DesignLab and CareerFoundry.  In case you are a student and would like to know more feel free to connect with me!

Want to contact or work with to me? Feel free to contact me on

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