Keva Health App.

Keva Health, a health care assistant creates personalized care experiences and reduces costs for asthma patients. It is a simple interface that engages patients. It helps patients to make the best decisions for themselves by entering their symptoms and receiving personalized care recommendations. 


The intelligent support engine helps patients follow physician recommended guidelines. The recommendations are made based on the severity of the patient and live patient feedback. Their powerful artificial intelligence monitors and provides feedback on patient behavior. The platform provides powerful data analytics, real time insights via dashboards to optimize remote patient monitoring. In contrast to clinician call centers and traditional medical practices, with the Keva Health's medication monitoring services and continuous feedback system, it is possible to achieve consistent quality at a low cost.

I was assisted by Romil Seth on this project.


All data and information is copyright and trademark of Keva Health Pvt. Ltd..

Client/ Company

Keva Health Pvt. Ltd


Sr. Product Designer (UX UI)


Healthcare Industry

Software Used

Sketch App, Adobe Photoshop,  Zeplin


User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Visual Design, Prototyping 


Keva Health was started by a team of business professionals with experience in academia, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical industry and technology working both globally and in the US.


Keva Health’s digital platform creates personalized care experiences for patients through Artificial Intelligence. The platform helps with monitoring and improving the patients health outcomes by providing feedback and empowering the patient to manage his or her condition. With Keva Health Advisor, the patient and physician engagement are made easy through an EBT (evidence-based tool) which helps assist patients make the best decisions by allowing them to enter their symptoms and providing personalized care recommendations. Keva Health prides in reducing cost for the patient, providers and payers.

Understanding the project.

Understanding Users.

Keva Health Assistant is a consumer based product and in order to understand the user, questions were asked to gain an understanding.

How does the user monitor their health (asthma)?

What is the biggest problem that the users face being an asthma patient?

What age did the symptoms begin?

How did they react at the first symptoms? 

How does it hamper their day-to-day activities?

What environmental factors cause the symptoms to increase?

What environmental factors act as a trigger?

Does anyone in the user's family have asthma?

Has asthma caused any other health conditions?

How often does the user need to visit the doctor regarding the condition?


Shown below are four Personas of the user, based on type - Environmental, Genetic and Occupational. From this pain and gain points were discovered which helped to improve their experience and map out the features as well.

Problem Areas.

Issue of cost Going to the doctor every time the patient is ill can become expensive.


Monitoring health Since asthma can be triggered at any time due to unforeseen situations, monitoring the symptoms and peak flow becomes difficult. Also, patients tend to miss doses of medicine and forget what medicines to take when. 


Help anytime, anywhere Since asthma can be triggered anywhere, getting help at times can be difficult. 


Monitoring Weather and air quality Asthma can easily be triggered due to changes in weather conditions, hence viewing the weather forecast for the day becomes very important. 

Identifying Design Requirements.

After detailing out the problem statement, the design requirements for the product were identified. 


Clean & Easy to Understand Interface The goal of the app was to create an easy interface so that patients could record their information and receiving personalized care recommendations. 


Easy Access Creating an app which helps the patients to get help whenever required. This would help reduce severe cases


Personal Assistant Since Asthma is a long term disease, via the app the patients can control, monitor and record their progress and symptoms. This would save a lot of trips to the ER and help cut costs.