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I am Aditi Gore, an Interdisciplinary Designer. I am currently working with the Razorpay Payments Design Team.

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COVID Safety

In these uncertain times, how can we make people feel safe about travel again?

MakeMyTrip (Suntelematics)

Fleet Owner Platform

A platform meant for fleet operators to maintain, track and improve the performance of their drivers and cabs.


Provisional Booking

How might we ncreasing instant cab bookings for flight customers?

Amazon (AmazonPay)

Amazon Trains

A trains booking MVP built for Amazon which was launched on Android app and mobile web recently. 

Image by Killian Pham
Image by Isaac Smith

Byte Prophecy (Accenture)

MonitorFirst Platform

An analytics and data-driven platform that works with KPIs that an enterprise collects, monitors and evaluates.

Amazon (AmazonPay)

AmazonPay Styleguide

A style guide for AmazonPay including new additions from AmazonPay travel category.

Coming Soon!

Byte Prophecy (Accenture)

Additional Projects

Some concept projects created for clients, while some were not completely developed.

Byte Prophecy (Accenture)


TMS (Transport Management System), is aimed at increasing efficiency, reliability and reducing cost.

Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan
Image by National Cancer Institute

Keva Health, USA

Healthcare Assistant

Keva Health, a health care assistant creates personalised care experiences and reduces costs for asthma patients. 

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